Congratulations to Charmaine Tincher on winning the $1,000 Cash Giveaway

Charmaine Tincher

“I absolutely Love Get Rich Radio! Yes, I won $1000 dollars which was extremely exciting and easy! I am so grateful and feel blessed, thank you soooooo much Marshall for being so giving. But mostly what I have won is my Life Back the way it should be. Marshall Sylver does give you back your Passion, Profit and Power if you allow yourself to release the trance you have been in most of your life. Two hours a day of Marshall-ism actually does reprogram your mind to propel yourself to greatness beyond all you have ever dreamed possible. He keeps giving and giving. The site has everything you can ever imagine to take you where ever it is you want to go in Business or Personal. The tool suite is top notch and the Scholarship Dollar rewards you receive for just listening are PRICELESS! He gives thousands of dollars more to you through education and having fun livin your Dream. Opportunities to travel and experience the taste of the Good life! I feel fortunate to be a part of the legacy being created that propels Marshall to achieve his Noble Prize for Massively impacting the World’s Economy to Create as quoted by Mr. Get Rich himself, Total Abundance and Possiblity! If your reading this, its not by mistake! Its by Design! Its your Time!”

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