$1,000 Cash Giveaways

Qualifications: To receive $1,000 cash gift text “SECRET” to 70101. We will send you daily reminders to log in and listen as well as the secret word of the day. Be the random caller of Marshall’s choosing when he says to call in and if you are a current registered member (either free or premium) and you know the secret word of the day you will receive $1,000.00! Text SECRET to 70101.

Kimberly Cox

Kimberly Cox from Susanville, CA (10/31/11)

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!! I got the check today and put it in my savings account for now. I will have to do some serious thinking to decide what I will do with the money. How exciting it is to actually win something :) I’ve been on a bit of a roll lately, I won the Survivor Pool at the salon where I used to work just before Christmas. Yoooo Hoooo!!!!!!! Life is awesome.”

Stanley LaCarpentier

Stanley LaCarpentier from Campbell, CA (10/28/11)


Jim Hernandez

Jim Hernandez from Eldridge, IA (10/27/11)


Frances Windscheffel

Frances Windscheffel from Kansas City, KS (10/26/11)


Albert Gonzales

Albert Gonzales from San Antonio, TX (10/25/11)


Veronica Gonzales

Veronica Gonzales from San Antonio, TX (10/24/11)


Dwayne Daniel Gordey

Dwayne Daniel Gordey from Torrence, CA (10/21/11)


James Gonzales

James Gonzales from San Antonio, TX (10/20/11)


Steve Suchin

Steve Suchin from Midland, PA (10/19/11)

“As Marshall always says, persistence pays off. I was one caller away from winning several times and finally nailed it! Thank you Marshall Sylver and Get Rich Radio! The money could not have come at a better time.”

Cory Layne

Cory Layne from San Benito, TX (10/18/11)

“I’ve been a premium member since Turning Point in June 2011 and listen nearly every day. I’d jotted down the secret word every day and called in dozens of times and got a busy signal each time. Imagine my surprise when I actually heard Marshall’s voice on the line. And when he told me I was the right number caller for the day, I nearly fell out of my chair.

I’d just spent my last dollar on a major business purchase and wasn’t sure where I was going to come up with enough cash to meet expenses for the rest of the month. That $1,000 was a godsend. Thanks, Marshall.”

Kevin Nace

Kevin Nace from Barrigada, Guam (10/17/11)

“Thank you Marshall, It was really exciting winning the $1,000. I’m going to share it with my Sister if it were not for her I wouldn’t of had the secret password of the day. I will be using the rest of the cash for airfare to Florida for the 2012 GIN Cruise.”

Thuy Vo

Thuy Vo from Houston, TX (10/13/11)

“Thank you, thank you very much. I still can’t believe that I won a $1,000. It is FANTASTIC! Marshall, please keep doing what you are doing. Thank you!!! GET RICH RADIO is Awesome.”

Calen Johnson

Calen Johnson from Douglasville, GA (10/12/11)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Words cannot express how excited I was (and still am) for my call to go through and to have won the $1,000 today. By Law of Attraction I was able to get the internet back in the house and, after months of being away from Get Rich Radio, began logging back into the show as of yesterday. Back then my phone number was unable to be registered to receive the text messages, but now I was able to register it — ALSO as of yesterday. I believed and I received!

Thank you Marshall Sylver! And thank you Dwan Bent-Twyford for the wealth of information on real estate! Here’s to success!

- Calen Johnson, the greatest money magnet in the world ;-)

Kyle Jackson

Kyle Jackson from Tampa, FL (10/11/11)

“I am the LUCKIEST man alive!! I seriously joined today and was tuned into the show for the first time after hearing great things from a friend and I called in not much later to hear that I’VE WON $1,000!! GET RICH RADIO IS AWESOME!”

Tammy Rader

Tammy Rader from Kansas City, KS (10/10/11)

“I am so very thrilled and appreciative for the chance to win $1,000. This is something that I needed very badly, not to mention the overflowing knowledge I am receiving daily from the programs.

Thank you Dwan Bent for presenting it to me and thank you Marshall Sylver for everything you do!”

Kristin Dailey

Kristin Dailey from Chardon, OH (10/07/11)


Mitrah Rasti

Mitrah Rasti from Duarte, CA (10/06/11)

“Thanks SO MUCH, Marshall! You looked right into my eyes at Turning Point this past June and told me you wanted to give me $1,000, so I knew it was my destiny… and it couldn’t have come at a better time, I really needed it! You are SO awesome for all that you do for so many everyday…keep it up!”

Cliff Armstrong

Cliff Armstrong from Heder City, UT (10/05/11)


Brian Cunningham

Brian Cunningham from Herndon, VA (10/04/11)

“I recently signed up as a Premium Member. This was my first time calling in! The lady answering my call was so sweet. I didn’t know what to do and she told me how everything worked and I hit it! Thanks to my job suspending me I was able to finally call in live. Thank you Mr. GetRich!”

Terrie Kepler

Terrie Kepler from Hayden Lake, ID (10/03/11)


Dennis Sperl

Dennis Sperl from Albany, NY (9/30/11)


Francesca Montelione

Francesca Montelione from Scranton, PA (9/28/11)

“How Very EXCITING it was to Win! It was my first time calling in! I am a member of Global Information Network and ‘chuck it up’ to the law of attraction and maintaining great vibrations! Thanks to such mentors as Marshall and Kevin! A million thanks for the opportunities that you have helped me ‘see’!”

Roger Vaudreuil

Roger Vaudreuil from Longeuil, Quebec, Canada (9/26/11)

“1000 Thank Yous

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You…….”

Mary Frey

Mary Frey from Edina, MN (9/15/11)

“Persistence pays! I have been listening to GRR since last Fall. I have called several times for the $1000, and have been 1 person away a couple different times. Today I called over 14 times before getting through, and I won after the person in front of me didn’t know the secret text password. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! “

Marcille Pruitt

Marcille Pruitt from Kansas City, MO (9/14/11)


Justin McCormick

Justin McCormick from Riverview, FL (9/8/11)


Patricia Thompsen

Patricia Thompsen from Quilcene, WA (9/6/11)


James Willcox

James Willcox from Aurora, CO (9/1/11)


Sunshine Rucker

Sunshine Rucker from Indianapolis, IN (8/29/11)


Jeffrey Ginsbarg

Jeffrey Ginsbarg from Long Beach, CA (8/25/11)


Lucius Strovier

Lucius Strovier from Laurel, MD (8/24/11)


Hanh Schaefer

Hanh Schaefer from Redmond, WA (8/23/11)


Bradley Peters

Bradley Peters from Saginaw, MI (8/22/11)


Trent Hamlin

Trent Hamlin from Florence, KY (8/04/11)

“I met Marshall back in 2009 and knew immediately that he was someone to mentor with. I’ve been listening to Get Rich Radio and love the fact that it is a positive influence on my life. Where else can you listen, learn, and earn. THANK YOU Marshall!!!”

John Sladish

John Sladish from San Diego, CA (8/03/11)


Chris Harris

Chris Harris from Tilden, NE (8/01/11)


Gaylene Smith

Gaylene Smith from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (7/27/11)


Anthony Cross

Anthony Cross from Bellflower, CA (7/26/11)

“What a wonderful day it has been winning $1000 for listening to the radio. A friend told me about this opportunity and I actually won the same day I joined. Thanks so much to Marshall! This money will provide a much needed down payment on a car for me to get to work and get my daughter to school. I had been using public transportation and as a single father, it has been difficult, so this is coming at the right time.”

Tramayne Thompson

Tramayne Thompson from Los Angeles, CA (7/25/11)

“Blessings come in so many forms. This time, it came in the form of knowledge. A little shared, a little gained. The real gift was discovering this show, the $1,000 was like icing on a cake! Good looking out, Marshall!”

Ann Hashem

Ann Hashem from Milwaukee, WI (7/22/11)

“I won $1000 from Marshall Sylver & GetRichRadio.com! I’m going to use some of the money to get into a business.”

Timothy Sweatte

Timothy Sweatte from Worthington, OH (7/20/11)

“The best way to treat to life is to treat it as a opportunity to always do better.”

Jerome Friedman

Jerome Freedman from Green Brae, CA (7/14/11)

“I want to express my thanks to Marshall for making me a winner of $1000 today! It was a wonderful experience and I plan to use the money wisely – for example to pay my initiation fee at my tennis club or on my trip to Carmel this weekend. Thank you very much!”

Kristy Kamiyama

Kristy Lisa Kamiyama from San Gabriel, CA (7/13/11)

“At first when Marshall asked me,”Who is this?” I though I wasn’t the correct caller. And when I found out I was the thousand dollar winner! I instantly started jumping and I was so excited! I almost couldn’t breathe hahahaha! Thank you Marshall for being so generous to your students and listeners! I’ve learned so much from your radio show daily! The money came just in time because my mom needed it for the minimun payments of our credit cards we used to invest into your course. I’m very blessed and fortuante to have won! I’m excited to see what else I can manifest into my life! Thank you Marshall!”

Derrick Stewart

Derek Stewart from Palmyra, WI (7/07/11)

“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! What more can I say. Listen to Get Rich Radio and you can be a winner too.”

Anthony Bruce

Anthony Bruce from North Charleston, SC (7/06/11)

“YEAH!!! I’ve only been listening for a few days and already won $1,000! WOW!”

Gary Soghomonian

Gary Soghomonian from Norristown, PA (6/30/11)

“I’VE BEEN LISTEN TO THE SHOW FOR ABOUT 6 MONTHS I made the business the decision to upgrade to annual premium so I could listen all time . Just won 1000K CASH FROM MY GOOD FRIEND MARSHALL SYLVER ;-B I was so excited I was doing the Marshall Sylver pee pee dance LOL!”

Michael Malcolm

Michael Malcolm from Big Rapids, MI (6/29/11)

“Get Rich radio is the real deal! Between GIN and get rich radio money just keeps rolling in! Take Action become a premium member!”

Dawn Thompson

Dawn Thompson from North Las Vegas, NV (6/28/11)


Brian Moniz

Brian Moniz from East Sandwich, MA (6/21/11)

“Thanks!!! I cant believe I finally won something. Great show!”

Henry Ng

Henry Ng from Sacramento, CA (6/20/11)

“Thank you SO much Marshall!!! I feel sooo lucky to win that $1,000. I called in and when you picked up the phone and said “Hello, who’s this?” I responded with my first name, and as soon as you asked for my last name, my heart SANK. You definitely made my day :D

Edward Lee

Edward Lee from Fullerton, CA (6/15/11)


Ben Brentlinger

Ben Brentlinger from Sykesville, MD (6/13/11)

“All I can say is wow! I called into the show several times, starting during commercial break just prior to Mar$hall announcing the secret text password $1000 giveaway, the call screener probably answered my call 3-6 times before Mar$hall cleared the lines for the secret text giveaway and when he did, I was both caller number one and caller number 7!!”

Helen West

Helen West from Melbourne, FL (6/08/11)

“I am still in shock!!! I cannot believe it but it is really true. Marshall said I just needed to be a registered and listening and I could actually win $1,000.00. It sounded too good to be true!! My bestest friend and Christian brother, Frank Fantastic Dimond, told me about this website and I registered and Marshall answered when I called and told me that I actually won $1,000.00. I am so glad blessed to have Frank, as my friend, and for him introducing me to Marshall thru this website. Thank you so very much!!”

Dennis Evins

Dennis Evins from Hallettsville, TX (6/07/11)

“Marshall I am so grateful for the $1,000.00 I won. I am still full of excitement and joy from the great news. I just got back from “The Next Level Seminar” and plan on using the $1,000.00 towards future seminars and investing in my business. GRR is a great place for people to get answers from you on opportunities they are going through and you have great guest on your programs. Thanks again for everything you are doing to help uplift mankind.”

Fred Holbeck

Fred Holbeck from Hamilton, MT (6/06/11)


Andy Carson

Andy Carson from Lake Mary, FL (5/31/11)

“Thank You! Thank You! Thank YOU! I listen daily and call in to the show and talk. It’s a Great show AND I learn something NEW Daily from Multi-Millionaires! How AWESOME is that! Winning is GREAT! I reinvested the money into myself and became an Annual Member! It is SOOO Easy to WIN! I promote the show all the time! Thank you again and keep being Tremendous!”

Gina Helderlein

Gina Helderlein from Kemp, TX (5/27/11)

“I was the $1000 winner on May 27th.I couldn’t believe it,I had a hard time even speaking for a few moments as it all sunk in. A huge thank you to Marshall and everyone that helps him with this program. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have used some of the money to upgrade my ancient computer to my very first brand new one!”

Todd Juluke

Todd Juluke from Metairie, LA (5/26/11)

“I’m excited about receiving this and Mr.Get Rich is so real and he’s a vessel of what God wants us to do in this life, Thank You and I will be a continued listerner, Congrads to you for Mr. Sterling, May God continue to Bless you and Your Family, Thanks to Mr. Kevin Trudeau and Mr. Steve Bruno for this Most Appreciated Gesture. Peace!!!”

John Primerano

John Primerano from Philadelphia, PA (5/25/11)


Margaret King

Margaret King from Murietta, CA (5/24/11)

“Wow! This past few months has been and continues to be awesome. Addison, Derek and I have enjoyed ALL of your seminars, radio and personal time together. I pray that Brendan and Miranda will attend soon as well. Thank you for your example of generosity and genuine love for people. Necker Island is starting to occupy our minds!

Love to you, Erica and Sterling! Can’t wait to hold him.”

Grace Crisup

Grace Crisup from Decatur, IL (5/20/11)


Angela Domet

Angela Domet from Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada (5/16/11)


Charlotte Boyer

Charlotte Boyer from Albequerque, NM (5/13/11)

“Marshall, thank you so much! Winning $1000 and speaking with you was such a great thrill. Get Rich Radio is awesome! I learn so much by tuning in daily and listening to you and your guests.”

Joel Helderlein

Joel Helderlein from Kemp, TX (5/11/11)


Orlin Reynolds

Orlin Reynolds from Kingsport, TN (5/09/11)

“GRR Has been getting Better & Better ever since I started listening in December. I am very grateful for all of the gifts you give us each day on the show. (The $1000 is Awesome as well!) Even though I missed winning so many times, I never quit calling. Look forward to learning much more and helping to spread the gifts you share with us everyday!”

Gilbert Riley

Gilbert Riley from Santa Monica, CA (5/05/11)


Austin Tonner

Austin Tonner from Hollywood, CA (5/04/11)


Jeanette Moniz

Jeanette Moniz from Decatur, IL (5/03/11)


Colleen Bury

Colleen Bury from Conway, SC (4/28/11)

“I am so happy and grateful for meeting you at Turning Point, First Million and I2. My husband and I will be at Financial Prosperity in the fall and B.E.S.T. I feel so Blessed to win a $1000 from GRR, I will always listen to you. You are the only person I know that gives free advise and gives away money every day.”

Nyna Matysiak

Nyna Matysiak from Taos, NM (4/28/11)

“Thank you Marshall for your generosity, kindness and encouragement! This is making a huge difference in my life! The heavens are affirming my positive intentions!!

Blessings on you and all the team members at Get Rich Radio and Prosperity Alliance! Can’t wait to see you at Turning Point soon!

You Rock! Thank you , thank you, thank you!”

Lisa Boyer

Lisa Boyer from Albequerque, NM (4/27/11)


Jody Maciulla

Jody Maciulla from Tucson, AZ (4/21/11)


Ronald Fitzgerald

Ronald Fitzgerald from Gary, IN (4/20/11)

“Thank you Marshall, I have been listening to your show every day since Feb. after the GIN cruise and I am hooked. You continuously give supreme advice and for that I am forever grateful. This $1000 will help me to build my GIN business. Looking forward to seeing you at an event so I can thank you in person. Congratulations on being a new father and may your prosperity continue to grow. Buy Buy Buy for now.”

Conrad Sorensen

Conrad Sorensen from Henderson, NV (4/19/11)

“Thank you so much Marshall!!! I first met you on the cruise to Bahamas on Jan. 22. I retired 1st of Feb. I am a fan since & listen daily. I have been to Turning Point in Feb.19 2011. I gave to one of your volunteer name Paul a bright green envelope. I hope you will take the time to look at the info inside it can change everybody lives in this world. Again Thank you Marshall Sylver! BTW my middle name is Stirling.”

Edward Sanchez

Edward Sanchez from Miami, FL (4/18/11)

“Congratulations on becoming a new dad Marshall! You are blessed! I am extremely thankful to win the 1,000 dollars after listening for just a few weeks. This is for REAL! The radio show and the free courses in your catalog are very inspiring in a time when people need uplifting messages to take action NOW! What a tremendous value! Thank You!”

Brian Patterson

Brian Patterson from Flagstaff, AZ (4/15/11)

“Roses are Red – Violets are Blue
I just won $1000 – And you can too!

Thank you Marshall. Been calling just about every day since January. Never say never. Listening to you every day is inspiring and entertaining. Yes, this will be my best year yet! Thanks Again.”

Derek King

Derek King from Marietta, CA (4/14/11)


Pam Martin

Pam Martin from Bakersfield, CA (4/13/11)


Bill Martin

Bill Martin from Bakersfield, CA (4/12/11)

“Marshall you are awesome. Thank you so much for the $1000 but more for Get Rich Radio. You have been and still are a huge influence on both myself and my wife. We listen every day and always take away useful information. Thank you once again and we will see you at the next Turning Point.”

Sharon Kodama

Sharon Kodama from Honolulu, HI (4/07/11)


Lolly Aita

Lolly Aita from Sacramento, CA (4/06/11)

“Get Rich Radio is the BEST station ever! Marshall is the GREATEST! He is super informative and gives incredibly USEFUL tips for everyday SUCCESS in life. It is the only station that you GET PAID to listen and can win $1,000 CASH! Thank you so much Marshall for my $1,000! YOU ARE TOTALLY LOVED and are going to win a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE because you definitely deserve it!”

Joy Nichole

Joy Nichole from Northport, FL (4/05/11)

“I won! $1000 on GRR. All I did was listen and learn. Marshall Sylver and Kevin are awesome. I truely enjoy your daily inspiration and knowledge. Winning $1000 was just a bonus. What I have learned on your show is priceless. Thank you!”

Frank Helderlein

Frank Helderlein from Kemp, TX (4/01/11)

“I’m so happy to be today’s winner of the $1000! I was kinda off guard when Marshall answered. I could hardly believe it! Thank you Marshall for what you do. I am inspired to do better every day. I am so glad I got involved. Thank you for the $1000. Tell everybody about Marshall Sylver’s Get Rich Radio and a big hello to all my GIN friends! See you on the beaches of the world!”

Sherry Maynard

Sherry Maynard from Henrico, VA (3/31/11)


Giovanni Manfredi

Giovanni Manfredi from Sd.Laurbat, Quebec Canada (3/30/11)


BJ Hayes

BJ Hayes from Tamarac, FL (3/28/11)

“Marshall, I can not thank you enough for all you do. I knew I was going to win the thousand dollars. Thank you for mentoring me every day. I am now a people and money magnet. Thank you for encouraging me to think like a millionaire. I think like a millionaire because I am a millionaire. Thanks Brother!”

Willy Taylor

Timothy Maksimovic from Hinckley, OH (3/22/11)

“Thank You so so much Marshall for the $1000! I really needed it to pay off some debt I had, and that was a HUGE relief! It took me 3 consistant weeks to finally win but it was totally worth it!

I love Get Rich Radio and I’ll be continuing to listen! Thanks again!!”

Wendy Wyman

Wendy Wyman from Saginaw, MI (3/21/11)


Betty Nelson

Betty Nelson from Everett, WA (3/18/11)


Lashaina Cabey

Lashaina Cabey from Houston, TX (3/16/11)

“Wow I really won at first I didnt believe I won was in total shock but I remember saying that morning I lost yesterday by calling to early but today I’m going to call on time and I did I won $1000!Thank you marshall your a teriffic man and the best mentor anyone can have. I love this station so much Get Rich Radio is by far the best radio station I have ever enjoy listening to! I will continue to listen because i have learn so much from you when your live and when I feel like I need a little bit more i still log on and listen to the pass recordings. Wow im going to take my money and invest it so I can stay with GRR and use my time to welcome others to the best radio station infact the only station that pays you to listen. Thank you so much for this gift Passion, Profit and Power three powerful P’s loving those words always seem to make my day. Thank You So Much Marshall”

Seth Tonner

Seth Tonner from Sergeant Bluff, IA (3/15/11)

“Thank you so much Marshall! Your words of advice give me daily doses of inspiration! I am honored to have the opportunity to be mentored by you everyday. The $1,000 is going to help out tremendously with getting to your seminars! I look forward to meeting you in person!”

Steve Kirkman

Steve Kirkman from Santa Barbara, CA (3/14/11)

“The past two years have been a financial disaster for me having lost everything as a victim of a real estate fraud and embezzlement scam. I am currenly starting life all over again from ground zero and greatly appreciate the motivation, inspiration and common sense advice that Marshall has givin me to rebuild my life for an incredibly prosperous and successful future. Thanks so much Marshall for giving me so many gifts when I needed them the most!”

Charmaine Tincher

Charmaine Tincher from Port Charlotte, FL (3/10/11)

“I absolutely Love Get Rich Radio! Yes, I won $1000 dollars which was extremely exciting and easy! I am so grateful and feel blessed, thank you soooooo much Marshall for being so giving. But mostly what I have won is my Life Back the way it should be. Marshall Sylver does give you back your Passion, Profit and Power if you allow yourself to release the trance you have been in most of your life. Two hours a day of Marshall-ism actually does reprogram your mind to propel yourself to greatness beyond all you have ever dreamed possible. He keeps giving and giving. The site has everything you can ever imagine to take you where ever it is you want to go in Business or Personal. The tool suite is top notch and the Scholarship Dollar rewards you receive for just listening are PRICELESS! He gives thousands of dollars more to you through education and having fun livin your Dream. Opportunities to travel and experience the taste of the Good life! I feel fortunate to be a part of the legacy being created that propels Marshall to achieve his Noble Prize for Massively impacting the World’s Economy to Create as quoted by Mr. Get Rich himself, Total Abundance and Possiblity! If your reading this, its not by mistake! Its by Design! Its your Time!”

Willy Taylor

Willy Taylor from Savannah, GA (3/09/11)

“Thanks for the generosity. Your website is so powerful and you give great advice for those of us entering the business world. Thanks for all of your inspiration.”

Patricia Driessen

Patricia Driessen from Sarasota, FL (3/08/11)

“It was absolutely fabulous to win the $1000. Thank you so much, Marshall.

The GRR show is educational,informative and inspiring.

After attending the Turning Point, and the First Million seminars in Orlando, GRR gives me the opportunity to be coached by you personally every day and to keep you as my mentor. How cool is that!

I am looking forward to attending the Irresistable Influence seminar in Las Vegas.”

Lamont Walker

Lamont Walker from Keokuk, IA (3/07/11)

“WOW!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! this is great thank you Marshall”

Gisela Beckerman

Gisela Beckerman from San Francisco, CA (3/03/11)

“Thank you Marshall, I was so excited to win today, I dropped the call in the middle of our conversation. I have been to some of your seminars and I love them and you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am listening to the radio show as much as I possibly can. You are an awesome man and I am so thankful that you are in my life!”

Charles Grix

Charles Grix from Citrus Heights, CA (3/02/11)

“Marshall. Thanks seems inadequate for the generosity you have shown. I called originally to express my gratitude for how you handle each caller with an interest and connection that exemplifies your trainings. I accept this gift with the responsibility of the master who gave his servants talents and will use these funds to multiply and help others by promoting Get Rich Radio. –Namaste “

Ricardo Franco

Ricardo Franco from Las Vegas, NV (3/01/11)


Evaline Chan

Evaline Chan from Granite Falls, WA (2/20/11)

“Marshall Thank You sooooo much for the $1,000. Get Rich Radio is truly an AWESOME opportunity, you earn and learn. Your wealth increases in so many ways: self estem, relationships, business and dollars. I listen as often as I can. In fact I was listening on my IPhone in Lowe’s shopping with a friend called in three times, line was busy then the 4th time there was silence and then your voice. I was excited and in shock that I won as I had been calling for four months. Persistence pays!”

Sheena Smith Ewing

Sheena Smith Ewing from Azusa, CA (2/18/11)

“Thank you so much Marshall for the amazing gift! I am now able to stay a premium member of Get Rich Radio and get to the Symposium! I have learned so much listening to you and I have never been so motivated to get healthy and get myself very specific on what I want in life. I feel like it is more then possible I feel like it is actually happening! I am so excited!!”

Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen from Meza, AZ (2/17/11)


Michael Rucker

Michael Rucker from Peoria, IL (2/16/11)


Tavius Southerd

Tavius Southerd from Bangor, WI (2/15/11)

“Thank you SO much for the $1000! It was to me JUST when I needed it!”

Monica Milstead

Monica Milstead from Port Orange, FL (2/10/11)

“THANK YOU Marshall! Your radio show is absolutely amazing! It is almost unbelievable that winning a $1000 is so easy. Your true gift to all your listeners isn’t all the incredible networking tools you give for free or the scholarship dollars that we get just for listening to purchase incredible education material, it is your time and wisdom LIVE every day! You are truly doing a great thing and that my friend is PRICELESS! Thanks again!!”

Ayanna Rojas

Ayanna Rojas from Suisun, CA (2/09/11)

“I woke up today saying “Money flows to me easy and frequently” and I know it works! Thanks to you Marshall for being such a visionary who takes massive action and challenges those to go “where no man has gone before!” I’m so excited to be part of the Marshall-ism Movement!”

Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis from Kansas City, MO (2/08/11)

“Marshall and GRR!
Thank you so much for the $1,000 you have blessed me with! I love this radio show and have grown by leaps and bounds as a person simply by listening for 2 weeks! The complementary series “Passion, Profit & Power” that comes with the Premium membership has helped me with my relationships as well as my business! Thank you Thank you Thank you Marshall! I love the show and highly recommend it to anybody that wants to live a happy prosperous over the top life of abundance!”

Robin Smith

Robin Smith from Azusa, CA (2/07/11)

“I want to thank you for your gift of $1000.00! Being a business owner I have been in need of purchasing a commercial refrigerator. I feed the homeless as well as doing catering. This gift will allow me to make my purchase and bless people. Thank you as I “pay it forward”! You’re a blessing Marshall!!!!”

Margaret Westcamp

Margaret Westcamp from Las Vegas, NV (2/03/11)

“What a splendid way to celebrate the (Chinese) New Year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Shannon Williams

Shannon Williams from Hamilton, Ontario Canada (2/02/11)

“Thank you for this wonderful gift, you truly are amazing!! I believe in paying it forward so thank you for now helping me to help someone else!! I will be sponsoring a little girl from the "Because I am a Girl Canada" so once again Thank you from me and her God Bless you and your family!”

Lavonda Goree

Lavonda Goree from Riverhead, NY (2/01/11)


Cindy Nguyen

Cindy Nguyen from Garden Grove, CA (1/19/11)


Tymon Conroy

Tymon Conroy from Glen Gardner, NJ (1/18/11)

“Thank You Marshall and all of GRR. My feelings regarding this wonderful experience are truly ineffable.

“Do the Right Things, Long Enough, Consistently!”"

Sean Manley

Sean Manley from Miami Beach, FL (1/17/11)


Steven Angelo Bruno

Steven Angelo Bruno from Freeport, NY (1/16/11) @ GRR Symposium

“I am sooo blessed and grateful for having Marshall in my life. Marshall Sylver changes sooo many lives in a good way. He enables people to see and use the power that they have inside of ourselves. That is a gift. He is blessed. We are blessed. Thank you Marshall. May the Lord shine nothing other than health and more light on us to enable you to continue your amazing journey. With Love and Blessings to you, Erica and Sterling.”

Jimmese Winston

Jimmese Winston from Las Vegas, NV (1/16/11) @ GRR Symposium


Micah Gibson

Micah Gibson from Las Vegas, NV (1/16/11) @ GRR Symposium

“I love Get Rich Radio! This is an an informative show which helps you change your thinking to attract wealth into your life. The prizes and giveaways are amazing, but the knowledge and products you can earn are almost endless and priceless. Thank you Marshall and GRR, you rock!!!”

Victor Vega

Victor Vega from Lancaster, CA (1/16/11) @ GRR Symposium


Jane Mountrose

Jane Mountrose from Nipomo, CA (1/15/11) @ GRR Symposium


Ricardo Franco

Ricardo Franco from Las Vegas, NV (1/15/11) @ GRR Symposium

“”I am a winner in the first Get Rich Radio Symposium.

I want to thank you again for myself and for everybody else who was given double the chances to win a prize at the event.
You promise to give 16 prizes for 300 guests of the Symposium with a 1 in 18 chances to win, and you double that by given all those prizes for the 150 people who were there, and not only that you also gave every single winner multiple choices of even doubling the prize again.
That is absolutely unbeatable Marshall
I salute you for that and everything else.”"

Lindsey Barton

Lindsey Barton from Glendale, CA (1/14/11)


Stan Thompson

Stan Thompson from Eagle Mountain,UT (1/13/11)

“THANK YOU MARSHALL! I’ve been listening to your show for 3 days, and you pay me $1000.00 !! I listened to Kevin Trudeau for 2 weeks and he paid me $500.00 The energy transfer you are sending through your program is outstanding! Thanks Again Marshall!!”

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith from Azusa, CA (1/12/11)

“Thank you so much Marshall! I am a college student going to school for music and this money really helps. Thank you so much!”

Lauren Ewing

Lauren Ewing from Los Angeles, CA (1/11/11)


Robert Jones

Robert Jones from San Lorenzo, CA (1/10/11)

“What a novel way to dispel all doubts! Yeah this is for real. The proof is in the feeling of achievement you just can’t escape after something like this!

I will be using this money very strategically to seed my future and give it all the leverage I can.”

John Daniels

John Daniels from Fort Mohave, AZ (1/07/11)

“I only listened to the show for about 10 days before I won, and yes, it is that easy to win!
And not only that, the show is like a two hour pep talk every day that gets you fired up for success!
If you cant make money by listening to Get Rich Radio, then you might as well go live in the woods”

Adam Mathers

Adam Mathers from Hamilton, Ontario, CAN (1/06/11)

“The Greatest Reward Is Not In The Riches Yet In The Lessons Learned Through Obtaining The Riches And The Ability To Enriches Ourselves And The Lives Of Others Through Our Journey”

Jeanne Brei

Jeanne Brei from Las Vegas, NV (1/05/11)

“Thank you Marshall! What a GREAT way to start the new year! I’m looking forward to next week’s symposium! Good luck in winning your Nobel Prize for turning the economy around by teaching EVERYONE how to be prosperous entrepreneurs! It’s SO important to follow your passions and live life abundantly instead of just getting by as a worker drone or on unemployment. Keep on jazzin’! Hope you can stop by and hear my Speakeasy Swingers some Thursday night in Vegas!”

Toni Sannella

Toni Sannella from Stockton, CA (1/04/11)


Terry Morton

Terry Morton from Washington, DC (12/30/10)

“What a wonderful way to end the year. I’m so happy to have won the $1000. I gave some to my children and helped buy my grandson a computer. Thanks so much Marshall. Your show and the Get Rich Radio Network are amazing.”

J Benton Wallace

J Benton Wallace from Addison, TX (12/30/10)


Lauren Arfman

Lauren Arfman from San Diego, CA (12/29/10)

“Thank you Marshall and Get Rich Radio! I followed your simple steps of registering, listening and calling in when you called my name! 2010 wasn’t the best year for me but this is an absolute launching pad into 2011. Thank you again and I look forward to continuing to listen to Get Rich Radio! I’ve listened for a few days but had not registered. I heard you say this before and I think it was a sign you said it today. “Profit is always in the follow up”. I followed up by registering and now I’m a $1,000 richer! God bless you Marshall. You and your family. Thanks again!”

Kirk Cotter

Kirk Cotter from OshKosh, WI (12/29/10)

“This is so cool!!!! I became a premium member, and I’m glad I did. All i did was call in with the Secret word of the day and I won. I encourage all of you to get a premium membership, all it cost is $99 a month and it was the 1st month and I won, that means my profit is $901 yeehaa. Bada Bing Bada Boom!!!!!!!!! Just take ACTION!!! Action was the word of the day!!”

Debby Ross

Debby Ross from Riverside, CA (12/28/10)

“I used my $1000.00 winnings to update to a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. I take Marshall seriously when he says that he hopes that I TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY and do what is necessary for the CHANGE to happen in MY life that I desire. The PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP IS NOT FOR HIM, it’s FOR ME! I belive him when he states upgrading means that I receive a HUGE ADVANTAGE OVER THOSE THAT DON’T! Guys upgrade NOW! “

Marlene Allen

Marlene Allen from Meza, AZ (12/28/10)

“Awesome!! Thank you Marshall Sylver! I’m a Winner!”

Amelia Phillips

Amelia Phillips from Flagstaff, AZ (12/27/10)

“THANK YOU MARSHALL! Winning $1,000 DID indeed change my life! I listen to you every day and love love love what you do! And love love love how what you do helps me!”

Michael Grande

Michael Grande from Edmund, OK (12/23/10)

“Marshall, I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing. From the first time I heard you, it was like a flash of light in my life. I know that listening to you will help me break my negative programming and accelerate the achievement of all my dreams. I have upgraded my membership and looking forward to meeting you in person very soon! Love ya brother”

Gail Vilcu

Gail Vilcu from Weydurn, Saskatchewan (12/23/10)

“Why stop, we are just beginning!!

Success starts with taking action…..taking action begins the moment you make a decision….making a decision comes from Knowing where you are going.”

Stephen Watson

Stephen Watson from Salem, IN (12/23/10)

“I am a member of The Global Information Network and before GIN I had never heard of Marshall Sylver.But just like Kevin Trudeau,Marshall has made an immediate,dramatic and astounding effect on my life in just the past few weeks.Get Rich Radio will be the best radio show on the planet (sorry Kevin) because it offers such astounding value to its listeners.I am not saying this because I won a $1000,I was getting immense value before just by tuning in every day.Winning was an added bonus that I am grateful to Marshall and his staff for providing such an astounding opportunity.Thanks again guys and for everybody out there,tune in your chance of winning is just a click of the mouse away! Merry Christmas to you All!”

Steve Moniz

Steve Moniz from Falmouth, MA (12/21/10)

“I continued listening despite what the skeptical naysayers said when I told everyone them about Get Rich Radio.

Not only $1,000 richer and wiser from the useful business and life knowledge from a real millionaire, but also
a valuable lesson learned along the way!!!!”

Rachel Litwiller

Rachel Litwiller from Fort Dodge, IA (12/20/10)

“So i received an email from the Kevin Trudeau show this morning advertising Get Rich Radio, first time hearing of this show, course i checked this out and started listening … had stepped out of the room and within 5 minutes after coming back Marshall says my name for the $1k. WOW. I’ve really been working with law of attraction and my mindset to be in the right place and this just fell right in my lap. Timing of the entire day was just amazing and … perfect. Had to come on this link to confirm it really happened! Probably won’t completely sink in until i have the check in my hands, haha. I must give kudos to Kevin Trudeau show and course to you Marshall, THANK YOU THANK YOU! For caring enough of us to make this show and listening to more of your show, you are my kind of guy. I will definitely be tuning in more. =)”

Darryl Williams

Darryl Williams from Monee, IL (12/20/10)

“I’ts hard to believe that someone on the radio is giving away money out of their own pocket and yet that’s just what’s happening on getrichradio and I’m a winner and glad to be a part of whatever the reason is behind this crazy man giving away his money. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks Marshall”

Gerhard Paasche

Gerhard Paasche from Scapoose, OR (12/16/10)

“Thank you Marshall for your enthusiasm with which you share your wealth and passion. Count me in as one of the people doing business and traveling the globe with the business jets in pursuit of happiness for all on earth. I have family in Germany and Italy, where we will add bases and pursue additional opportunities. Thank you, Thank you, thank you!!!”

Laurie Black

Laurie Black from Tampa, FL (12/17/10)

“What a fantastic surprise. My sincere thanks Marshall. Who would have thought it – winning money whilst enjoying the most dynamic and interesting radio show. Many thanks.”

Shafondra Matthews

Shafondra Matthews from Aurora, IL (12/16/10)

“Get Rich Radio is AWESOME! I feel like a MILLION bucks since winning the $1,000 CASH prize! Not only did Marshall Sylver put cash in my pocket, he speaks into my life every single day. Words of encouragement and wisdom. I can’t get enough of the show. Even my two year old son likes to watch the welcome video and imitate Mr. Get Rich. Thank you Marshall and the entire GRR family from the bottom of my heart. You’ve helped me and my family more than you ever know!”

Cecil Don

Cecil Don from Vista, CA (12/16/10)

“Never give up. To become better, you must change your mindset. Don’t just have goals and dreams. But have commitment. There’s a saying “Action speaks louder than words” which is so true. So, Take ACTION NOW! God bless GRR, the crew, and everyone that listens. =)”

Chesha Hale

Chesha Hale from Greenbelt, MD (12/15/10)

“I so love this show! Playing by the rules and persistent pays off!! Get the Premium membership, it is so worth $99!! I tell you Marshall Sylver, you are doing a great thing here with Get Rich Radio and I am glad to be a part. I am so Thankful and ready to learn from the best of the best!!! This $1000 will help with bills and marketing strategies that I want to put in place for my business. Looking forward to Turning Point and First Million in 2011!! Thanks Marshall Sylver and everyone at Get Rich Radio..you are the Best!!! :0)”

Toby & Layla Black

Toby & Layla Black from Tampa, FL (12/14/10)


Doris Woodard

Doris Woodard from Raleigh, NC (12/10/10)


Pamela Robinson

Pamela Robinson from Temple Hills, MD (12/09/10)

“Thank You Thank You soooo much Marshall Slyver and everyone from Get Rich Radio!!! This made my day and it will be a blessing to my family and business! Again thanks so much!”

Joan Marmarellis

Joan Marmarellis from Tampa, FL (12/09/10)

“When my picture with Marshall was taken in Orlando at “First Million”, I was anticipating a positive future. I knew he was telling the truth and it was critical for me to “get it” at the same time, I wasn’t exactly sure how I would handle it.
Marshall says,”it’s going to require that you program your own mind and communicate powerfully with others simultaneously.” This is what I want. Tall Order, for me, I must admit, since it does take organized thought and repeated, practice!
NOW, he gives me the gift of GRR and I can hardly believe I have Marshall speaking into my life everyday telling me how to do it! I even listen to re-broadcasts, since repetition helps it sink in better!
And he positively reinforced my efforts with another gift of $1,000 because he liked my questions when I called in. The timing was perfect for many reasons, especially the positive reinforcement for doing what he advised me to do! Thank you again Marshall! You are the perfect teacher!”

Jay Napier

Jay Napier from Goodlettsville, TN (12/08/10)

“Thanks to Marshall Sylver and Get Rich Radio I’m enjoying a more positive outlook, a greater mindset and I’m turning this thousand into millions.”

Paul Macaluso

Paul MacAluso from Las Vegas, NV (12/07/10)

“Thank you so much Marshall! This was a double whammy I got a $1000 bucks plus help from the millionaire maker himself, Marshall Sylver, cant beat that. Marshall your the man keep up the awesome work your doing with Get Rich Radio and Prosperity Alliance. For those of you who dont already know Get Rich Radio is the only place that pays you to learn, FOR REAL”

Julie Ann

Julie Kandcer from Marina, CA (12/07/10)

“Law of Attraction at it’s finest =] Thank you Marshall for this wonderful Christmas gift! How exciting!!”

Anna Marie Mims

Anna Marie Mims from BalaCynwyd, PA (12/06/10)

“I could not believe I won $1000! Oh my goodness, Marshall thank you so much!! Just before I won the money I was upset because I couldn’t help my parents with some bills they needed to pay. When Marshall said be the first caller with the secret word of the day…I was the caller!!!! You have no idea how happy I was…I was able to help my parents!! Because of Get Rich Radio I’m getting the education I need so I can generate income so I can take care of my parents, me and others!! Thank you again Marshall Sylver!!! God bless you”

Joan Millane

Joan Millane from Ellington, CT (12/06/10)

“It doesn’t get much better than this.Thanks Marshall. Can’t wait to tell you how I put my $1,000.00 winnings into a business that will get me a $1,000,000.00, that is like the single “bill” I am holding.”

Lori Paulson

Lori Paulson from Rosharon, TX (12/03/10)

“Thank you Marshall Sylver and Get Rich Radio. Winning $1,000 was truly a blessing at this time. Keep up the great work and may you have a blessed and prosperous new year.”

Nancy Lynxwiler

Nancy Lynxwiler from Las Vegas, NV (12/03/10)

“Thank You Sooo Much, Marshall Sylver for helping me gain a different prospective in LIFE! You have helped me move forward with my life after releasing a 28yr relationship. You have my love and respect for making such a profound difference in the world. I will be right there in the Front Row when you get your Noble Peace Prize, You totally deserve IT my friend. You are an inspiration to me and many others. The Thousand dollars came when it was needed the most! Thank You Again! LIFE IS GOOD!!! May I Follow in your footprints of a Successful LIFE! :O) GOD BLESS you and your staff.”

Loren Pak

Loren Pak from Seaside, CA (12/02/10)


Terri Stephen

Terri Stephen from St. Charles, MO (12/02/10)

“Thank you! Not only did I get great advice regarding my child, I won $1,000 in the process! Thank you so much Marshall!!”

Reabar Abdullah

Reabar Abdullah from Stillwater, MN (12/01/10)

“I’m very excited and grateful for being a $1,000 winner. I listened everyday and many times was not selected until today. Be persistent and you will be rewarded. Thank you very much Marshall.”

Therese Ahmad

Therese Ahmad from Las Vegas, NV (12/01/10)

“Triumph is the result of Persistance and Belief. Think like a winner and you are a winner! Thank you Marshall! (And yes, we are on our way to the pharmacy!) Thank you, Thank you Thank you !!!”

KC Savage

KC Savage from Stockton, CA (11/29/10)

“WOW, What a ride. So far my family and friends have won over $11,000 and 3 I-Pads from Get Rich Radio. The day I won I was speechless. It didn’t sink in until I got off the phone. I never used to win, wait, strike that and reverse it. I’m now used to winning. And it Feels Good. Marshall, thank you for being such a kind and generous man. You’re going to make a great Daddy.”

Dennis Tiller

Dennis Tiller from Indianapolis, IN (11/26/10)

“”Thank you so much Marshall for helping make the world a little better for so many people. This gift will come in handy as I have wanted to take my wife on a mini getaway. We would like to either meet you in Las Vegas at the Get Rich Symposium or possible hang out with you on one of the cruises in January. I have been a fan of personal development, but have struggled to deprogram myself of the hypnosis of everyday life and my education (I have an MBA which has trained me to be a good employEE). Thinking outside of that box of “get a good education” may have worked on the industrial age, but not in the information age!

Discovering your program has made a tremendous impact on my journey towards the freedom I have sought after for so long. We can only change the world one person at a time! And you have begun that process!”"

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor from Thomson, GA (11/25/10)

“I have never won anything before. I have never felt much like a winner, but listening to Mashall Sylver, I have been getting over that feeling. I had never even tried to call in before, it was my last day of being a free member, so I decided today was MY day. Marshall you have made me feel like a winner. You MADE me a winner! Thank you.”

Dieter Beschnidt

Dieter Beschnidt from Altensteinz, Germany (11/25/10)

“Hi Marshall, a couple of years ago I read your book “Passion, Profit & Power in the German Translation and this book has touched me in a big way. I had the desire to meet you one day but I forgot about it, thinking it would be by far too expensive. I could`nt hardly believe meeting you live on the phone and 3 minutes later I won 1000 bucks. From this day on I attend GetRichRadio as often as I can and you inspire me every time to improve my life. Marshall thank you so much for that. The 1000 Dollars will be invested to travel to the US together with my wife Uli meeting you on a lfe seminar! Thank you so much for what you are doing!!”

Frank Diamond

Frank Diamond from Melbourne, FL (11/24/10)

“Persistence,Persistence,Persistence is what you share and how we need to be living the JOURNEY and be committed. I, as you know the voice, have been committed and Persistent since day one and before as an annual premium member and it sure has paid off big time. Looking forward to attending GRR event in Vegas next year with your gifting, thank you Marshall… Frank FANTASTIC Dimond”

Dorothy Cannon

Dorothy Cannon from White Settlement, TX (11/24/10)


Tammy Hunter

Tammy Hunter from Longwood, FL (11/23/10)


Chris Villani

Chris Villani from Cornelius, NC (11/19/10)

“Marshall.. What an amazing gift from an awesome Mentor. Grateful for the opportunity to Spoil my amazing wife rotten. Just to think, I had to take a single simple action and now I am $1000 richer.”

Angelo Lanniccari

Angelo Ianniccari from Plainfield, IL (11/19/10)

“OMG, I woke up on Friday morning saying to myself that something wonderful was going to happen to me today. I had previously received nothing but busy signals.(Of course with all the fans dialing in.) You would think it was impossible, but I do believe anything is possible and here is the proof. I am forever grateful to the universe for attracting my call to get answered by Mr. Marshall Sylver. The $1000 is great, but the free knowledge that GRR provides daily is priceless with the positive change that is manifesting into so many lives. Thank You again for the motivation and message of “Taking Inspired Action”!”

Ada Yong Li

Yong Ada Li from Union City, CA (11/18/10)

“WOW I’m very exited and grateful for being a $1,000 winner. Thank you very much Marshall. I will use it to further promote GGR and let more people enjoy and learn from Marshall”

James Barnes

James Barnes from Tehachpi, CA (11/16/10)

“Thanks Marshall for being here for all of us. I listen to the people that call in with their questions and your ability to keep us all motiviated and positive attitude’s and helping them and me and my family achieve financial prosperity. Again Thanks Marshall.”

Adolfo Lopez

Taguari “Adolfo” Lopez from Colorado Springs, CO (11/15/10)

“I am so grateful to have won $1000.00. This is the first time I have ever won anything in my life, and it did not come without I price I called everyday and many times was not selected until today. Be persistent and you will be rewarded. I will use this money to pay for my travel expenses to November turning point and to reinvest it, in drop cards to expand GRR business. Thank Marshall and Erica for the money and your valuable!”

Bruce Blouin

Bruce Blouin from Winchester Center, CT (11/12/10)


Doug Alp

Doug Alp from Mesa, AZ (11/11/10)

“WOW ! It was really fun and exciting to win the $1000 Today!! You see I win in many ways, not only did I will some cash-ola!! But I gain a WEALTH of knowledge every day by listening to Marshall on the Get Rich Radio Show. Marshall Truly give great honest advice on many topics and I think everyone should open up their minds and pay attention to Get Rich Radio”

Cedrick Harris

Cedrick Harris from Odessa, FL (11/10/10)

“The Millionaire Maker Marshall Sylver has done it again. Get Rich Radio is the hottest
radio show on the internet and regular radio. I have never listened to any show with so
much value, humor, wealth inspiration, and, well… cold hard cash!

Thanx Marshall for being a true leader and bringing a show like
Get Rich Radio to the airwaves. The title of your show says it
all… Get Rich Radio— All I did today was listen;)”

Sandra Lehmann

Sandra Lehmann from Peyton, CO (11/10/10)

“Wow, I have been listening to Get Rich Radio since the day it launched. I never even tried once to call in and win the $1000. Today I only dialed one time, got through and was the lucky winner. What an awesome show!!! I will be reinvesting the money into marketing to make sure every last soul on this planet knows about the show and starts listening. :)

Mark Call

Mark Call from Porter, ME (11/09/10)

“I was very excited to win the $1000 from Marshall and Immediatly made the decision to invest it right back into an Anual Membership! GRR is so worth it! Thank you Mr. Prosperity! – Mark Call”

Dan Seaman

Dan Seaman from Spearfish, SD (11/09/10)

“Imagine this: today I am signing and writing three checks, each for $1,000, to give to persons that I have never met, persons I don’t know, and chances are, persons I have not been associated with.

Tomorrow, I am going to sign three more checks for $1,000 and give them away. I am going to give away $3,000 each day,? 5 days each week ($15,000)? for a year ($750,000+)?.

Can you imagine that? Is it even remotely in your realm of belief? Would you like to be an individual who has the ability to give away millions? You need to listen to “Get Rich Radio”.

Millionaire maker Marshall Sylver is the only multi-millionaire mentor I know that is doing that!
My hats off to you, and many, many thanks Marshall. “

Andy Rainey

Andy Rainey from Lebanon, OH (11/05/10)

“Wow! This is so awesome! On the last day of the two hours on Get Rich Radio, I called in and lady before me was going to be the winner. Marshall went on to commercial and I kept telling myself “Do not hang up” over and over, because she had not said the secret word of the day yet. After the commercial, Marshall asked what is the secret word. She said wrong word; I had big smile on my face and was jumping up and down because I was next. He asked me, “What is the secret word?”, and I screamed, “POWER!”. (I hope I didn’t blow out his ear drum.) I won and I plan to use the money to cover the cost to fly to the Turning Point seminar in Dec. and for my hotel room. This is the beginning of my turning point in my life. :-)

Melvin Davis

Melvin Davis from Arlington, TX (11/04/10)


Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy from Manchester, CT (11/04/10)

“Fabutastic” is how I feel after winning $1000 on Get Rich Radio with Marshall Sylver. The lessons that Marshall teach are worth one million times that $1000. I now enjoy my day and believe in myself because of the things I have learned from him. Thank you Marshall for bringing me from that programmed “most bashful” … to … Smiley Mike :)

Josh Roddy

Josh Roddy from New Athens, IL (11/03/10)

“Marshall the $1000 you gave me helped me move to Colorado and live my dream. I have started an MLM business and now live in a home on top of a mountain overlooking the town and the ski resort. I have been a student of yours for years and love it. Keep up the good work and we all appreciate everything you are doing for us. THANK YOU!!!”

Harlin & Linda Kreplick

Harlin & Linda Kreplick from Davenport, FL (11/02/10)

“Winning is wonderful. Every day is filled with awesome goodies and this is like icing on the cake. We were putting together our donation boxes for tomorrow’s Red Cross pick-up which we do each month and now we can take the first $100 and probably buy for the TOYS for TOTS. Plus we can buy a plane ticket so LINDA can visit you all in Vegas BABY, YEA !!!”

Marty Ward

Marty Ward from Melbourne, FL (11/02/10)

“WOW! Yesterday, I let God know that I wanted to win the money to pay a particular bill. Ask and Ye receive. Today, I won! I will be tithing to Frank Fantastic Dimond as he turned me on to the show and to Jerry B who has been generous to me as well. I will be using some to augment my Social Media training to promote my company, Defining Your Business, and the rest to invest in currency exchange (after I get a massage!)”

Steve Veit

Steve Veit from Columbus, OH (11/01/10)

“Thank You, for the opportunity to listen to words of wisdom and common sense. It is very refreshing to know that people like yourself Do exist in this world today. And again I wish to show you Gratitude for the path you are on. It has enriched my life with wisdom and the secret word wining and much more.
With much respect, to Mr. Prosperity (sensei)!”

Paul V. Harris

Paul V. Harris from Lancaster, CA (10/29/10)

“I am so grateful to be a recipient of your generosity. I am going to use this money to help publish My book. I just wouldn’t dye. I believe this will help people improve there lives and personal economy. Thank you for being a shining beacon on my path to inspire others to greatness.”

Sandra Williams

Sandra Williams from Walnut Creek, CA (10/28/10)

“THANK YOU, Marshall! I was already having a great day, and you, my friend, just made it 1,000 times better! And thank you for creating GET RICH RADIO. In a world fascinated by doom and gloom, it is refreshing to find a daily source of positivity, wisdom, and good business sense.

I will be using the money to invest in my SOUL PURPOSE business and to attend the GET RICH SYMPOSIUM in Vegas.”

John Krejci

John Krejci from West Hollywood, CA (10/28/10)

“Everything is “GRR”rrreat

Get Rich Radio? I am $1,000.00 richer in cash. $4152.44 richer to invest in seminars, products, and even a Las Vegas Mansion vacation. I am wealthier with Advice, Inspiration, Actionable Ideas, Brain Food, and new sweeping Actions.

The Turning Point? It WAS a turning point in my life and helped launch a Major Reawakening and a trip back to millionaire status.

First Million? – Has already begun to reactivate my Millionaire Mind – even before I attend – and I know that my former Multi-Millionaire dollar lifestyle will pale in comparison to what I see coming. I send heartfelt thanks to Marshall Sylver and to his kind and thoughtful wife, Erica. “

Kristen Thornbrugh

Kristen Thornbrugh from Chester, PA (10/27/10)


Tracy Garcia

Tracy Garcia from Bourbonnais, IL (10/27/10)

“I am so excited!!! I won a $1000.00 just for listening. Who would think calling the expert for use of his knowledge would get you money in the bank? Thanks again Get Rich Radio for all you do!”

James Jones

James Jones from Fargo, ND (10/25/10)

“Listen,Learn,and Earn with GRR..I plan on reinvesting my winnings to prosper more..Failure is not an option…Marshall you have Enhanced my life..Thank you.
“Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping them reach there goals” POWER! POWER! POWER! God bless”

Heath Barnes

Heath Barnes from Tehachapi, CA (10/25/10)

“Marshall, my life has changed all together since we met last March. Your inspiration, motivation and teachings has given me the confidence to conquer all my fears and the ability to begin my journey with you to my own financial prosperity. Thank you so much for the $1000 cash. I will use the money to hire a VA to enhance my GRR and PA business. Thank yo again.”

Scotty Beckett

Scotty Beckett from Ocoee, FL (10/22/10)

“This is the first time I have ever won anything in my life!
I am using the $1,000 to make a car payment and take my wife on a weekend getaway. Thanks Marshall, this really came at a good time!
Remember: Listen and Learn, Listen to WIN!!”

Ken Wenrick

Ken Wenrick from Phoenix, AZ (10/22/10)

“Thanks and Gratitude. Well done Marshall! A wonderful radio program that continues to give long after the show is over! If you don’t know what I mean, you have not listened long enough. Yes I won $1000 and I’m grateful for that. It’s the “icing” on the cake. The real value in GRR is Marshall’s programming and education that will be around much longer than $1000…”

Jeremy Heckathorn

Jeremy Heckathorn from Avondale, AZ (10/21/10)

“1,000 Bucks! What a fantastic day! Thank you my friend!

I have experience such good fortune with Marshall Sylver. It has been one amazing experience after another.

Every man and every woman is a star. Shine on world! “

Cyd Hastings

Cyd Hastings from Hermosa Beach, CA (10/20/10)

“Your Awesome Marshall. Thank you so much. Now, this is going to make it so easy to talk about the show. I am proof!

I will be using the money to invest in my business and to cover the cost of the ambulance and overnight stay at the hospital. My heart pressure was up to 165. I am fine now.”

Charles Mui

Charles Mui from Golden, CO (10/20/10)

“Get Rich Radio is awesome. I won $1000 CASH my first day listening, I also earned enough scholarship dollars to buy a Learn Magic DVD set for free. The best part is Marshall sharing all his wealth building genius with us for FREE! GRR is going to be a BIG deal.”

Graham Rice

Graham Rice from Laingsburg, MI (10/19/10)

“After missing the opportunity to call in and win $1000.00 when you called my name on October 8th, I was lucky enough to be the 20th caller today with the Secret Word of the Day which was SATORI. I will use the money to attend future Prosperity Alliance events such as Turning Point, First Million, and Irresistible Influence. Thank you Marshall and Erica.”

Byron Norrod

Byron Norrod from Los Angeles, CA (10/18/10)

“Thanks Marshall! I’ll tithe the first ten percent (Thanks Father!). I upgraded to Premium and I’m paying the Infernal Revenue. It came at a great time. Thanks again!”

Jirorel St.Troix

Jirorel ‘Troy’ St.Troix from Largo, FL (10/18/10)

“Winning was simply an amazing “RUSH”! I used the $1000 to launch “PROJECT GINGRR” (pronounced “Ginger”) covering 5 airfares to attend GRR’s 7-Figure Speaker Epire Training, Thanksgiving with my family in Sacramento, Marshall’s Nov 27th GIN Event in San Diego, as well as 5 other GIN events, like Marshall’s that are FREE to GIN Members-Only.”

Jennifer Glidden

Jennifer Glidden from Charlotte, NC (10/15/10)

“Thank you so much Marshall! I plan to use the $1,000 to share the love by visiting my friends and family. I love listening to your show- so much value with great business and relationship insights every day. Keep up the incredible work!”

Blanche Williams

Blanche Williams from Greenville, MS (10/14/10)


Nellie Williams

Nellie Williams from Phoenix, AZ (10/14/10)

“Marshall, what a surprise to be your $1000 winner! I had so many things to choose from with this bonus money. I chose to give again to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, the Salvation Army and Arizona Military Families Assistance Fund. Plus I had a little left to invest in myself. Thank you again. It is an honor to know you and Erica.”

Danielle Walker

Danielle Walker-Rowry from Long Beach, CA (10/13/10)

“I am so GRATEFUL for you and your staff for allowing me to win $1000. While listening to your radio station everyday I gain such valuable information.

Jim Hernandez

Jim Hernandez from Long Beach, CA (10/13/10)

“This was a great surprise! This $1,000 is planted to grow the GRR oppurtunity. How real it is when it transpires for you and your loved one’s. There are many more of these Benjamin’s where this came from waiting for you!. Thank you Marshall.”

Lara Howard

Lara Howard from Long Beach, CA (10/12/10)

“I am so thrilled to have won the giveaway! I plan to use part of the money to upgrade to my premium membership, and the rest to pay back some friends and family who have helped me out financially during tougher times this year, and to finally incorporate my business and start building business credit.”

David Adkins

David Adkins from Northglenn, CO (10/11/10)

“I first said “No Way”. Yes way it is possible to win $1,000.00 listing to Get Rich Radio. I took advantage of the OPPORTUNITY to win listing to Get Rich Radio. I had the correct secret word of the day. I almost hung up when I heard Marshall tell someone else that they won. They did not have the secret word of the day. On the delay of the radio I heard Marshall tell some else that they won. Then click on the phone, I heard Marshall say “What is the secret word of the day?”. I gave him the secret word of the day “OPPORTUNITY”. He says “You have won $1,000.00″. I said, “No Way!” — Thank You Get Rich Radio”

Michael Winner

Michael Winner from Hillsdale, MI (10/11/10)


Ann Greco

Ann Greco from Orlando, FL (10/08/10)

“I was so excited when I won $1,000.00 I think I screamed in Marhsall’s ear! (Sorry) I have been a student of Marshall’s since 2008 and appreciate the tremendous value he creates with his live events and training materials. I used the $1,000.00 to upgrade my GRR membership. I love investing in Marshall’s programs. I’m inspired by his vision.”

Tim Fedorka

Tim Fedorka from Kailua, HI (10/07/10)


Sabrina Walker

Sabrina Walker from Gardner, MA (10/07/10)

“Marshall you are a very inspiring man. I loved your idea about GRR before it happened and to see what it has become in such a short time. You are a true leader and giving person. Congrats to your amazing radio station and thank you for the $1,000!! I will be using it to invest in new local marketing business. Thanks for all your positive knowledge and kind words. Keep rocking it!”

Robert J. Driver

Robert J. Driver from Cardiff, CA (10/06/10)

“Marshall is up to his old tricks again. “Get Rich Radio” his latest stroke of genius is unbeleivably sweet. Talk about incredible value. I never get tired listening to his stuff. The $1,000 I won was excited and sorely needed at that time, a blessing (thanks again by the way). However it is just the tip, of the tip, of the ice berg, compared to everything else he has to offer once you research these amazing strategies and educational opportunities. Way better then college if you yearn for success and the armor needed for this challenging place we co-habitate . Just let go and let Marshall, help God to Help you.”

Katy Fletcher

Katy Fletcher from Bellevuen, WA (10/06/10)

“Listen, learn and earn! Add to that “win”! By listening to Get Rich Radio, I won $1000! Thank you GRR. And, thank you, Marshall, for your wonderful new radio program. You are a gift to all of us. Your advice and keen observations on how we can get our country and lives back on track are spot on. My day is better for having listened to you. I’m putting the $1000 towards Marshall Sylver’s upcoming seminar, Financial Prosperity. Can’t think of a better investment. Thanks again GRR!”

Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews from Henderson, NV (10/05/10)

“I won my $1,000 by listening and calling Get Rich Radio. Marshall Sylver is AWESOME I’m using my winnings to upgrade to a premium account. Listen and Earn!”

Terry Savage

Terry Savage from Stockton, CA (10/05/10)

“Thank you Marshall for your genius in creating Get Rich Radio. I no sooner said to my wonderful husband Kc that "I am going to win $1,000 cash today” than Marshall said, "Terry Savage has 15 minutes to call in and claim her $1,000". Do you love this stuff? You bet!! We met you about 2 years ago at Turning Point and it really has been for us. You are Mr. Prosperity, everything you touch turns to Sylver and you joyously take everyone along with you. Our experience at First Million, Irresistible Influence and Next Level were life changing. I encourage everyone to Listen, Learn and Earn. Thank you Marshall and Erica. Love you both.”

Ken Hammond

Ken Hammond from Midlothian, VA (10/04/10)

“I love Get Rich Radio. All I did was get the secret text password and call in and won $1,000! As an internet marketer GRR is the easiest thing I have ever sold, just tell your friends to listen!”

Anthony Aires

Anthony Aires from Orlando, FL (10/04/10)

“We are so excited and grateful for winning $1,000 from Get Rich Radio. We will be using our winnings to go see Marshall Sylver at the Get Rich Radio Symposium In January. Thank You Marshall and Erica!”

Please Note: $1,000 cash prize giveaway is open to anyone that is currently a registered free, premium or annual (must not be expired) GET RICH RADIO listener and can only be awarded to the same person ONCE every 365 days from the date won. All of our prizes involving the award of cash will be paid in the form of a company check, payable only to the winner and no other person. Checks will be mailed to the winner within 30 business days after winning given that they provide a completed W9. Random caller is selected at our discretion and can be voided at any time. Recipient of any cash or prizes is responsible for all applicable income or other taxes.

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